10 Krimi Kurzgeschichten fürs Bett: Ohne Krimi geh ich nie ins Bett (German Edition)

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I am simply spoilt for choice when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables and the meat at the butcher's counter. The food is, without exception, excellent. Es ist erfreulich, dass diese Art der Bewirtschaftung, die nicht allein den Profit fokussiert, so erfolgreich ist. Denn davon profitieren im Endeffekt alle: Menschen, Tiere und Natur. But for me, the best thing about the Dottenfelder Hof is the fact that you learn so much by just exploring the place, visiting the stables, reading the interesting information boards, and talking to the people who work there.

You get exciting insights into the work of the agricultural school, the breeding research work, into the everyday life on a farm where people from all over the world continue to educate themselves with regard to biodynamic farming. It's gratifying that this type of management, which doesn't focus on profit alone, is so successful. After all, everybody benefits from it: people, animals and nature. Author Christian Lehr knows where the coolest parts of Frankfurt are. Instagram: Chrislehrffm.

Ein Muss: Mut zu Materialmix, Hauptsache edel! Mother Nature sets the nicest trends! A must: the ern clutch ton-stripes with Karl-effect tt pa guts tobymix materials while keeping it classy! Elegant city dweller meets urban nature boy! Ich war gerade mal 8 Jahre alt. Doch ich hatte Benzin im Blut — wie meine ganze Familie. Schnittig, der Look wie eine Corvette, die einzigartigen Klappscheinwerfer und ein Heck zum Niederknien.

I had just turned 8 years old, but I already had petrol flowing in my blood — just like my entire family. My grandfather had taken part in motorcycle races before the war; later, as is known, it wasn't just me, but also my brothers who ended up at the racetrack. Slogans such as "Only flying is better" and "You should be a pilot" made the rounds of the Federal Republic of Germany. I thought the Opel GT was much nicer than the or other super sports cars. Streamlined, looking like a Corvette, the unique pop-up headlights and a rear end that made you go weak at the knees.

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And its performance was also pretty impressive: the large 1. Right until today, it is above all the car's bold design that has always appealed to me and that constantly gives me pleasure whenever I encounter this gem of automotive history as part of my work as a brand ambassador and driving instructor for Opel. Its long, curved bonnet, pretty face and the rear end with its four round lights, which make every car fan sigh —at the latest when looking back at it —, make the Opel GT a true style icon.

She's a beauty whichever way you look at her. Can you think of any other car you can say that about? As I said: as the best-selling sports car of its time, the Opel GT caused quite a stir and not just in Germany either!

Eyapopeya. Een hemels wiegelied

Of the more than , cars produced, an unbelievable 60 per cent were exported to the US of all places, where they are still obsessed with the "Baby Corvette made in Germany" — a nickname that, incidentally, GT drivers in this country do not like to hear. And they are right, I think, because the Opel GT is truly unique and way beyond any mundane comparison. Damals kostetet er gerade mal Mad actually! At that time, it cost just DM 10, — too much for an 8-year-old, of course. Top gepflegt, in leuchtendem Gelb! So wie ich es mag! Mein Objekt der Begierde. Over the years, I have always flirted with the idea but not gone ahead with it.

Only one colour comes into question for me in particular: yellow! And these days it's almost impossible to get this little gem almost unspoilt and in a good condition. In that case, the Opel GT can, at times, cost over Euro 40, However, there's hardly a lover from the sworn GT community that'll part with this treasure. In tip-top condition and in bright yellow! Just as I like it! My object of desire.

Nur circa zwei Flugstunden von Job und Alltagsstress entfernt liegt die Lieblingsinsel der Frankfurter. Auch uns zieht es immer wieder nach Ibiza, denn die Insel mit ihrem Licht, ihren Farben und ihrem einzigartigen Spirit tut einfach gut.

PDF 10 Krimi Kurzgeschichten fürs Bett: Ohne Krimi geh ich nie ins Bett (German Edition)

So auch bei unserem letzten Besuch Only about a two hours flight away from the stress of one's work and everyday life lies the favourite island of the residents of Frankfurt. No wonder you always meet familiar faces here — whether on the dance floor or doing tai chi on the beach. Again and again, we're drawn to Ibiza, because the island with its light, its colours and unique spirit simply does us good. And even though we like to head to our familiar places and delight in the things that are probably never going to change here, there are so many new things to discover each time.

Just like on our last visit Daydreaming and dancing Feiern und dann Relaxen. In der Reihenfolge.

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Party hard and then chill out. In that order. Und das bis Mitternacht. Already on our arrival, the bass beats drone over to us and we can hear the cheers of the guests who are dancing in the pool. No wind, 28 degrees, sun on the skin, the salty scent of the sea, clinking ice cubes and the live sounds of DJ Luciano, who is gradually picking up the pace. This is how it goes every afternoon from 5 p. And it all goes on until midnight. Not a second longer.

Breakfast leaves us perfectly satisfied the next morning: so much choice, so delicious, such fabulously set-up cooking stations and nostalgic Ape vehicles — the batteries are quickly recharged and people's anticipation of the afternoon is growing Ein absolutes Kontrastprogramm zu unserem hypermodernen Party-Hotel, wenn auch nur wenige Autominuten entfernt. The sound of a guitar, a voice gently singing an old Spanish bolero We're lying on colourful cushions, surrounded by fragrant orange trees and palms, enjoying a few tapas with fresh bread and drinking a glass of wine.

An absolute contrast to our hypermodern party hotel, even though it's only a few minutes' drive away. La Huerta is the name of the place where we are currently "unwinding". Translated, the name means orchard or vegetable garden. And it's precisely one such place that is home to the pretty food market, where only food and beverages made with produce from the island are on sale: the orange grove is part of the grounds of Agroturismo Hotel Can Jaume.

Eyapopeya. Ein himmliches Wiegenlied. - citybooks - citybooks

Das Ibiza der einfachen Leute. La Huerta only celebrated its opening in March and since then it's been inviting people to enjoy a relaxed get-together in the midst of lush green nature on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. It's a very special place which people should revere and preserve," explains Julia, who invited us on this trip.

I like the multifaceted nature of the place; I know, of course, the trendy clubs and hotspots, but, if I had to decide, I'd always choose the authentic Ibiza. The Ibiza of the simple folk. The Ibiza of artists and escapists. La isla bonita Das authentische Ibiza. Ein gutes Stichwort. The authentic Ibiza. A good byword. And a must on every visit. If you want to find it, you just have to drive to the interior of the island, to a village that, with its whitewashed houses, pretty plaza and narrow alleys, is the ideal picture for any postcard.

Hier ist einfach alles so voller Seele, so charmant, als sei die Zeit stehen geblieben. Und irgendwie ist sie das auch. Everything here is just so full of soul, so charming, as though time had stood still. And somehow that's just what has happened. Because here you can still find this "Ibiza of artists and escapists" that Julie mentioned. You come across art everywhere in the village. The walls of a lot of bars and restaurants, boutiques and small shops are covered with paintings — which artists once used to settle their accounts.

Not to mention the beautiful galleries that are based here.

vanylacizi.tk Der Service: erstklassig. Alles ist perfekt. Und da ist nach wie vor dieses Kribbeln. Und wir haben wohl eine leidenschaftliche Liebesbeziehung begonnen. Inklusive Kribbeln. Ibiza, we love you! Sie ist meine Home Base geworden. Allerdings ist sie ein Zuhause unter vielen, die ich in meinem Leben kennenlernen durfte. Berlin ist so ein anderes Zuhause, ich habe sechs Jahre dort gelebt. It's become my home base.